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July 20, 2014



Thanks for this. I am not an alcoholic, or in a relationship with one. I have, however, recently suffered a personal loss as the partner I have been with for 20 years, and with whom I have a 6 year old child, on February 11 (the day before you wrote this) told me without warning that our relationship was over. I have in the past weeks been trying to internalize the concept that suffering equals pain multiplied (not added) by resistance, so that being with my pain without resistance (i.e., without trying to be in my former life partner's business, but instead just be in my own) may ease my suffering even though it need not cure my pain. But, saying these things is obviously easier than living them. Still, I am trying to find the ability to accept those things that are not mine to change (other people's business) so that I can grieve my pain, honor my loss, and hopefully reduce the level of daily suffering I am experiencing. Your thoughts on this are helpful, and I appreciate them.

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