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November 26, 2009


Ben Somerville

What you have said is both provocative and falls within the continuing ancient discourse of faith, religion, belief, spirituality. It seems to me that we will never be able to verbalize the reality or the non reality of God. We can have a deeply emotional experience and not be able to fully explain it to others. Our view, experience, and relationship with faith, god, and religion will continue to ellude us. Some find the discourse exciting, others find it tiring, and yet others find it blasphemous. The discourse will remain with us forever and will regularly change in tempo and temper. There is a tradition that reaches into lots of areas of life which says that silence is the ultimate of what we can say about God. One tradition within Christianity is that when we have any kind of religious experience, we are not to talk about it for 3 years while it is digested and absorbed within our souls. The verbal discourse is important and helps the one expressing their views and those hearing them confront and clarify what they may be feeling, thinking, or something I cannot put into words.

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