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June 16, 2006



I think you have a point that true conservatism is dead in today's world. Implementing a truly conservative government is impossible. That being said, many of the concepts held dear by conservatives do have a place in government today.

Issues like limited government and fiscal responsibility are extremely important right now, but unfortunately are not being represented by the conservatives in power. Simply because good ideas have failed to be implemented properly does not make them bad ideas.

On the other hand having a conservative government means giving up much of what we take for granted at the moment. It requires an educated population that is intent on caring for itself. The national mindset required for such a government to work is, in my opinion, completely out of reach.

So yes conservatives are a bit ridiculous; most of them could not survive in the world they strive for. However, I don't think this justifies dismissing the entire ideology. The second you fall into the "I'm right and everyone who disagrees with me is wrong" mindset, you have lost your ability to be objective.

And to be fair the liberals are not exactly fantastic either (they are guilty of some of the same crimes you charge the conservatives with). Why anyone would choose to align themselves with either of the two major political parties in this country is beyond me. Regardless of where you stand politically, most people agree the government can and should be doing drastically better.

Robert V. Achen

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