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January 25, 2004


Shari Warren

I found your website very interesting. My grandmother was born in Texas, the town we don't know and her family was from Arkansas. She recently died in the 80's and I wish now that I had asked her a million questions about who we are and where we came from. She came from a large family and her last name was Beauchamp. Some of her brothers and sisters were Birdie, James, Nona and Grace. Do you know where in Texas the Beauchamps settled? Thanks so much,
Shari Warren

marsha halcrow

Enjoyed your article. I know nothing of the Beauchamps, but both my parents are from Bisbee, Conrad Hardy Baldwin and Carryl Orton. My mother is still alive and talks so lovingly about Bisbee. In fact, we had their 50th wedding anniversary at the Copper Queen in 1989. She also has mentioned John Pintek, the attorney you mention in your article, and I think I remember that she dated him back in the 20's

James F. Humphries

My father's family came from Bisbee, AZ to work in the copper mines from Oklahoma prior to its statehood. My grandfather and grandmother and gt grandmother, as well as, several uncles and aunts are buried in in Bisbee. If you run across any information on the Humphries please tell me.

James F. Humphries

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